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Things are very busy in my life at the moment. The new Stratovarius album is being recorded and things are going very well. It is called “Elysium” and we will release it on January 12th 2011. But before that you’ll get an appetizer when we release the single “Darkest Hours” on November 26th.

stratovarius2010  Latest from Koti-camp


A single with two new songs of “Elysium” will be released on 26 November this year, coinciding with the start date of the “7 sinners world tour” on which Stratovarius will join Helloween as very special guests – kicking off the same day in the Szene, Vienna.

The single also contains a demo track, and two unreleased live tracks recorded earlier this year on Stratovarius’ wildly successful 2009/2010 “Polaris” world tour.

The following tracks will be part of the single:

Darkest Hours (from the upcoming album “Elysium”)
Infernal Maze (from the upcoming album “Elysium”)
Darkest Hours (demo version)
Against the Wind (live recording, Sofia, Bulgaria)
Black Diamond (live recording, Göteborg, Sweden)

Preliminary tracklist of “Elysium”: (order of songs and working titles are subject to change)

Heavenly Divine
Infernal Maze
Elysium, part I, II and III
Darkest Hours
Under Flaming Skies
No return
New Horizon
Move the Mountain
(Japan Bonus Track)

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5 Responses to Latest from Koti-camp

  1. Onko tulossa mitään keikkaa Tampereen suuntaan lähiaikoina? Olis tosi mahtavaa päästä kattoon sua/stratoa livenä… :)

  2. Vanilla says:

    Timo, kiitos ihanasta ja ikimuistoisesta keikasta Kulttuuritalolla 15.12! <3

  3. Vanilla says:

    Elysium on ihana! <3 kuuluu ehdottomasti parhaimmistoon.
    "I´m watching when you sleep, and listen as you breathe, I´m close to you and keep you warm" Parane pian Timo <3

  4. Vanilla says:


  5. Vanilla says:

    Ihanaa syntymäpäivää rakkaalle Timolle! < 3 toivottavasti olet nauttinut juhlapäivästäsi : D

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