Duo and Strato gigs

Hello there,

It´s been awhile icon smile  Duo and Strato gigs Anyways here is a short update.

Jani and I will do some duo gigs this spring (see GIGS). We also have confirmed a couple of Stratovarius festivals but will mainly concentrate on song writing. More about Strato check out www.stratovarius.com

It’s been great to see all of you during the gigs last year, looking forward to seeing you again!

Rock the Metaaaaaallll!!!!!


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3 Responses to Duo and Strato gigs

  1. Patricia says:

    I hope you come back to Brazil soon… wish i could go to Stratovarius gig last year,but it wasn’t possible due to money issues… but anyway,when you come back, I’ll be there! ;)

  2. I am too busy with Stratovarius and the duo gigs so no time for Kotipelto-band gigs right now. Maybe in the future!
    If you refer to Strato gigs, you can find them on the Stratovarius page :)

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